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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Te Extraño

This is for the few people that I hope read my blog. I will try my best to keep everyone updated. México and the United States are very different, for sure. There are things that I will miss and some things that I will not miss. Let me tell you of a typical day.
Our school starts at 9 a.m. in the morning. Does not seem early right? Well Melissa and I usually do not get in till about mid night, cause we are out with the church kids, which means we usually do not get to bed around 1 in the morning. We have to start taking showers at night because we can not get up early enough. Our goal ( originally might I add) was to get up around 6 and run then come home, shower, and eat break feast and leave by 8.20. I think that we have done that 2 times this whole trip so far. So we are bad goal setters. Now we usually wake up around 7:50. Get ready in aout 30 minutes and go eat break feast. For us break feast usually motivates us to get out of bed. Then we start on the 30 minute walk to school. We usually talk in English, although Melissa is really good at talking in Spanish. We usually talk about how much we are going to miss it here, or funny memories from friends back home, or how we got along that morning and currently better understand each other. Then we arrive at school about 1 minute late.
I sit in class, and I love our teacher, but school is school, and it is summer, although I am very grateful to be here, about after the first hour of class it is time for a break, but we do not get a break until after 2 hours. Then the last hour is a conversation class.
After class we go and check our email, usually, the time varies on how long we stay. Then we walk home again, exhausted and tired for some reason. Then we take a little siesta. Probably about 3 hours, we are always so tired. Then we eat lunch, which is always very tasteful. And next we have options, Either service at the elderly care home, soccer, movies, eat, church choir program practice, dance, or eat, or eat. I seem to love to eat here. There are so many little tacos resaurants, super cheep, and very good. In fast yesterday we went to two. The first one we were at I got a light taco. With lettuce and meat in the inside. The waitress paid for my second one on the house!
So a little bit about our trip last weekend. We went to Zacatecas. It reminds you of a very European town. Cobble stone streets, skinny streets. Colorful sqaure houses sit in on the mountain house, typical image of México. But if was nice getting out of the city. My favorite part was the fresh air and the night time sky, beautiful beautiful view. We went on a Gandala across part of the city, like a sky lift type thing, and through a mine. A beautiful mine, the most beautiful I have ever seen. Deep creveses( I know I spelt that wrong). On Friday night we went and saw a little presentation about the Legends of the town. The town had some beautiful churches and cathedrals. Then after the legends thing we went to an out door concert. Really pretty, layed back, not loud, It was older men singing, and playing the guitar and harp, very very typical romatic Méxican music.
México runs on polycramatic time, where as in the U.S. we run on monocramtic time. It certainly is taking time to get used to. For U.S. every minute in the day counts. If we have a meeting or a party to be to we be there right on time. Fine minutes after is considered a little bit late. But here 30 minutes after is considered maybe right on time. People are really important and schedules have less of an influence. Both are good. And I know that relationships in the U.S. are really important too.
I will miss every one calling there spouses, and even their kids too, mi amor, mi vida, my life, my love. It is really cool to see parents calling that to their kids. Well I need to work on homework. Over and Out. Buenas Tardes.

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