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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Por Fin

Okay, so I know it has been a while since I have written on my blog, so I will update it. I will try to go as far back as I can remember.
Last Wednesday night we went to a professional fútbol game. Atlas v Americas. We were rooting for Atlas.
First of, last weekend we went to Tonala and Tlaquepaque. We probably ate at the best Méxican restaurant in the whole entire world, seriously. We had fejitas and guacamole. MMmmhhh... At Tonala, there are a whole bunch of street vendors. I bought two Méxican looking cups and two beautiful painted bowls, of which the two bowls I accidently dropped the bag, and now they are in the trash. I was so close to home too! They were very cheap though so hopefully I can go back. Melissa and I bought some cds of a really popular Méxican artists. I love canciones de amor, always asking for them.
On Monday, I turned 19 years old!! I want to thank you for everyone who made my birthday very special and said happy birthday. It was a wonderful day. For my birthday my house mom made me Chile Rellenos. MUYYY RICO. After family home evening we went to Chapala. This lake about an hour away from where we are staying. Once we got there we walked around along side the lake. It was beautiful. Kinda reminds you of San Fransisco. They had palm trees along the water with lights wrapped around them. After wards we were going to go out for the best burritos in town, however, one of the cars broke down, hence, we needed to go home to the person driving the car could drive back and pick up more people.
Tuesday morning, Melissa and I had to do a presentation about a Méxican comida. We choose ate de membrillo with manchego cheese. It is like thick fruit leather ( more flavorfuly, and juicey) with cheese. We pretended we were on a cooking show and we were the host. It went over very very well.
Yesterday, we had quite the cultural experience. We went to a lucha libre. Anyone seen Nacho libre? well yea....I will probably one go once, and just said I have been to one in México, solely only for the experience. A bit of a unique environment. After wards, me and some friends in our group and one of our Méxican friends from the church went out for tacos. I got three tacos. My friend asked if I wanted to try some of his food. It looked appetizing, so I did. Turned out it was tongue, from a cow. Also turns out, tongue is not half bad very saboroso, very flavorful. But I of course provided the entertainment for the night at dinner table. I made a bet that if I ate three Chiles, then they would have to pay for my dinner, if I didnt I would have to pay for all of theres. So I cut up one chile in four slices, ate the first slice, already my lip and tongue burnt, end of bet. Good thing I did not shake on it. I ended up paying for only my dinner ( thanks goodness).
So a quick wrap up. I am beginning to appreciate this world more and the gospel. And the knowledge that I am a child of God. I would be lost. I of course miss my family and friends back home, a little bit in that home sick stage, but I know I also have a home here. The people here really give you all they have. I am sure my roomate and I will cry when we leave, but I am grateful to be going back. Here are just a few things that I have learned. The minimum salary here is 50 pesos a day, which translates to 5 dollars a day, not an hour, but per day. Also of about the 103 million people that live in México about half of that so about 50 million live below the poverty line. My heart goes out to those who stand on the streets just selling packets of gum, or belts, or umbrellas. But the people here are amazing and giving people.
School is going well. This weekend we are going to Zacatecas, and it is an over night trip! Which should be fun. Cant wait to see everyone soon. Love you all. Hasta mañana.
Aqui es su casa.

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