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Remember this motto: I will give the last penny I have, the last crumb off my plate, and the shirt off my back to help anyone in need.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Reflection. Que aprendi? What did I learn?

Mexico changed my life. It was literally the best thing for me in my life as of right now. Last summer would have been too early, and next summer would have been to late, only this summer worked. I feel I am more prepared to start school in the fall. I feel I am more prepared to conquer life's trials ahead. I feel I am more prepared to served God and Christ. I feel I am more prepared to be a better person all around. Now do not get me wrong, I would not want to live anywhere else but here in my home in America, but I know that I will always have a second home down there, and always be surrounded brothers, sisters, and friends down there. Here are my reflections about the trip.
First, I figured out that I love food. Whenever I travel I always seem to love the food the most, and this time was no exception. I am surprised I did not gain 10 pounds, but I did not, still about the same. Everything from fresh hot tortillas, enchiladas, eggs, chile rellones, churros, pastel, pozole. You name in guacamole, chips. I forgot to tell about the last night in Mexico. We all went to Chapala again, except this time we got to eat the burritos because our cars never broke down. So we went to the burrito place, I got two burritos, both very very good. Then I had to say goodbye first because my flight was a day ealier than everyone elses. I was just crying in my friends arms, or my Mexican brother. Then I was crying in my American sisters arms, well my brother in laws sister, it was difficult to say goodbye because my heart had fallen in love with the Mexican people, and culture, and town I had spend the whole summer in. I loved the homes down there. I learned that you do not need lots of money and big homes to make you happy. These following things I learned that are the true things that makes one happy, well at least me happy. I am only one opinion.
First, God. God certainly lives. He is our Father in Heaven, He holds superior knowledge than any of us do. He has a plan for us. He wants us to return to Him and we only can through His sacred ordiances in God's holy temple. Second, that Christ is. He lives. Through his tender mercies, our lives can be made clean. If we ever had a pole with a nail through it, through him and can gain a new pole. There are so many times, I wanted to choose to be sad and unhappy, but I prayed on my knees and Christ softened my heart. There were so many habits of un patient, that could only have been changed through him, and softened my heart, it was beautiful. Third I learned about love. Love is one of the most powerful words in the world. And EVERYONE deserves to be loved with all of our heart, no matter who, every one is worth the time of day and loving. Build friendships and keep them, even with other nations. Fourth. Choice. You can choose to be happy or sad. I do not care how bad or horrible your situation appears to be or actually is, throuh the gospel of Jesus Christ and through a God in Heaven one can be happy. This earth life is to find joy. I encourage all to choose happiness. Remember God wants to give us all the He has, he wants to bless us abundetly, but he only can if we keep His commandments. But remember to be grateful for what you have. Always give thanks to God every day.
Now I did not need to be in Mexico to learn all this, but it sure helped. No advice changed my life. Christ changed my life, God changed my life. His hand is reaching down to all of us. Definately one of the best summers of my life so far. Te quiero Mexico. Hasta que Espana. Until Spain. Hasta luego, and Adios.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

El Fin

Well, my Mexico trip has ended. Actually it ended on Friday, and for those who follow my blog you can tell I am about two weeks behind. So here is a quick recap of probably what happened, as I can not remember day by day specifics. I know we went to do baptisms at the temple one more time, we saw the movie inception, I am sure we got churros at least 2 more times, we went dancing at least once, And we went to Nuevo Vallarta for about 4 days! Our hotel was called Villa Valladero. It sat right on the beach. We had all you can eat buffet and drinks, do not worry without alcholal of course. We went to church there in Puerta Vallarta. I think that church was probably the smallest church I have ever been to. I think with our 13 girls we probably tripled the Relief Society, but you could tell that thier testimonies were very strong for sure. The weather was stinkin hot, tons of humidity. I just sat there on the bus, and would sweat. I also had the opportunity to go scuba diving,my friend Ashely and I went to a place called Los Arcos. It was awesome. The guides and the master scuba divers were so nice and helpful, in fact the water was soo warm that we only needed to wear our swim suit with no wet suit. We saw a puffer fish, tons of colorful fish, an octopus, an eagle ray, an eel, and big coral. More tomorrow. Good night.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chapala y Mas Simple Por Favor Y Vida es para aprender

To start of my blog today I would just like to say a few things that I have learned about México. First off. Friendship is simple. Yesterday I was talking to my friend from México, and he could not understand why Americans make friendship such a complex thing. Why we always have to choose friends, why we ruin friendships over a thing so simple and so tiny, why family are ruined over things so simple. Everyone should be friends. Friendship is simple, do not exclude anyone. In life, although it is hard for me to conceptualize, but the truth is humanos never stop learning. Just when I think I have learned everything to make a friendship better, or a marriage happier, or be more patience, just when I think I have it figured all out, I realize I know nothing, Life is about learning and becoming a little better each day, but hey it is not eay.
It has been a while since I have written in my blog. A few updates. We officially have two weeks left. Only one more week left here in Guadalaraja and then one more week in Puerto Vallarta. Last Monday for El noche de hoger, I wanted to play futbal, that was the original plan, unfortunately it down poured completely. Instead we had to stay indoors and play the human knot game or other fun games to entertain ourselves. Then of course we went for food afterwards, I can not remember but I am sure that we did. Then on Tuesday, we had service at the ancillanos home. Melissa and I were late, once again because of the down pour of the rain. Infact, because of the downpour, Melissa and I had to remain under a tree and a building till the rain cleared up and the streets were not as badly flooded. Wednesday we did baptisms for the dead in the temple, there were about 40 youth there! Then afterward we went to the cine to watch una peli. I ate popcorn, the word for popcorn in español is palomites. We bought two types of popcorn. Acarmelades y mantequilla. ( carmel and butter) Then on Thursday, we went to the centro of Guadalajara. It was very impressive. Melissa and I went to a place called San Juan De Dios, this is a building that has 4 floors of jewerly! Then there is a place right next to it that is kind of dirty it is this brick building, that had ramps all the way up the top and it was just vender and vender stores practically on top of each other. We then met up with some of the other girls in the group, and we went to this restaurant called El Gordo. After wards we went to eat Churros!!! Except they were not as good as the filling ones, filled with chocolate, cajeta, and lechera ( consensed milk). On friday, we bought more churros and we went out to eat, after wards we went into town and just talked and hung out. Earlier on in the day on Friday we went to this town called Tonala. We saw two factories. First where they made dolls, muñecas, and the second one where they made blown glass. I bought three beautiful bowls for a very good price. At the end of my trip I can upload pictures for everyone. I ought to desribe the centro a little bit. First of all, there is a theature, and churches and a gondola looking thing in the center. Imangine and court yard, several actually with tons of people, either, dancing, selling candy for money, does not matter singing, throwing something, standing next to the foutain. There are shops to eat at on every corner, as well as stores every where. All types of stuff. And also tons of different types of people from different walks of life. I have seen people selling gum, fly swatters, umbrellas, roses, little candies, people at stops lights with a water bottle in there hand who will wash your window for money, a guy who will spit gasoline and fire out of his mouth then ask people for money. One I even saw. When the light turned red there was a mom with a baby of her shoulder and when all the cars would stop she would juggle with one hand, because she was holding her baby with the other, and juggle then go through the cars and ask for money.
On Saturday we went to Chapapla. Gorgeous. Some of the girls in my group and i went on a little boat ride out to an island, then we went shopping in the town. Chapala is this huge lake, in fact I think it is the biggest lake in all of México. Except it is very dirty, you can not really swim in it. So there are venders along the lake that we went to. Then we went to a tortilla factory and got to try some fresh tortillas. After that we went to a hotel to eat lunch and swam at the hotel for a couple of hours, it was so much fun. All of our group swimming and having a good time together. The pool over looked the lake. I need to work on a paper for school. This week we have a paper about our trip due, a presentation about a Mexican state, and a paper with it too and a final examen as well. Thank you to all. Hasta Mañana. As an update on my Spanish. It is becoming better, I know know how to say most things using correct grammar, and I can pick out when people are still making mistakes in Spanish, but my accent sounds not quite on the spot yet.