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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

El Fin

Well, my Mexico trip has ended. Actually it ended on Friday, and for those who follow my blog you can tell I am about two weeks behind. So here is a quick recap of probably what happened, as I can not remember day by day specifics. I know we went to do baptisms at the temple one more time, we saw the movie inception, I am sure we got churros at least 2 more times, we went dancing at least once, And we went to Nuevo Vallarta for about 4 days! Our hotel was called Villa Valladero. It sat right on the beach. We had all you can eat buffet and drinks, do not worry without alcholal of course. We went to church there in Puerta Vallarta. I think that church was probably the smallest church I have ever been to. I think with our 13 girls we probably tripled the Relief Society, but you could tell that thier testimonies were very strong for sure. The weather was stinkin hot, tons of humidity. I just sat there on the bus, and would sweat. I also had the opportunity to go scuba diving,my friend Ashely and I went to a place called Los Arcos. It was awesome. The guides and the master scuba divers were so nice and helpful, in fact the water was soo warm that we only needed to wear our swim suit with no wet suit. We saw a puffer fish, tons of colorful fish, an octopus, an eagle ray, an eel, and big coral. More tomorrow. Good night.

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